Advanced Flight Training


Tailwheel Conversion Course

This course leads to a sign off for Tailwheel Differences Training and includes ground school and flying    training related to Ground Handling, Starting, Taxying, Take Offs, Circuits and Landings, including side slipping and short field techniques. The flight time will vary according to the experience and varies from about 3 to 8 hours (average 4 to 5 hours)

Advanced Handling Course

This is aimed at PPL holders who wish to improve their general handling skills and includes advanced stalling in various attitudes, spinning, unusual attitude recoveries, 60° and maximum rate turns, collision avoidance breaks and side slipping.  This is normally a 4 hr course but can be adapted to suit individual needs.

AOPA Beginners Aerobatic Course

This course covers most of the content of the advanced handling course plus all the basic aerobatic manoeuvres including loops, aileron rolls, barrel rolls, straight and level rolls, stall turns and one or two combined manoeuvres such as 1/2 cuban eight and roll off the top. The course includes 8 hours flying and 8 hours ground school and after successful completion, an AOPA certificate is awarded. Pilots with previous aerobatic experience can qualify with fewer hours at the discretion of the instructor.

AOPA Standard Aerobatic Course

This moves on from the basic course and includes more complex manoeuvres such as precision spins, various types of square loop, hesitation rolls and more combination manoeuvres and sequences. The course is 6 hours flying and 6 hours ground school, although experienced pilots may require less.

Aerobatic Taster

For pilots who just want to find out if aerobatics are for them. This is a 40 minute flight where a few simple manoeuvres are demonstrated by the instructor and then flown by the pilot. Anyone going on to do the AOPA beginners course can have this credited towards the 8 hour requirement.

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