Complete your Airline Pilot Standard (APS) Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) Course at Perth Airport.

Up until now you have been trained to fly in a single crew environment, responsible for every aspect of the operation of a flight from planning, pre-flight checking, flying, cockpit checks, radio work, descent and landing. The Airline Pilot Standard or ‘APS MCC’ is an advanced MCC course that trains pilots to be ready for Type Rating. The course is structured to enhance the pilot knowledge of SOP’s, airline operations and handling characteristics of an Airbus A320 aircraft. The course covers items such as CRM, Airline Operations, Aircraft Technical Type SOP’s & Profiles, UPRT, General Handling, Complex Systems & FMS.

What is the APS MCC timeline?

Total Course Duration is 3 Weeks

4 Days

Ground School

To gain your Airline Pilot Standards Multi Crew Cooperation certificate, you will be introduced to technical and non-technical skills as well as knowledge to be able to operate a commercial air transport aircraft. Our APS MCC course covers Threat and Error Management as well as Crew Resource Management and other concepts to improve a cadet's overall skillset before graduating.

Simulator Training

Cadets will train on the Alsim ALX Flight Simulator over 10 days of flight training consisting of Multi-Crew Co-Operating (MCC) Training, Advanced Swept-Wing Jet Aeroplane Operations, Advanced Airline Operations Scenario Training and a Final Assessment.

10 days

Alsim ALX
Alsim ALX

What are the APS MCC entry requirements?

- English Language Proficiency level 4
- Current MEIR Instrument Rating or documentation indicating ME/IR test has been passed

When are the APS MCC courses?

  • APS108 - Aug/Sep 2024
  • APS109 - Oct/Nov 2024
  • APS110 - Dec/Jan 2025
  • APS111 - Febr/Mar 2025
  • APS112 - Apr/May 2025

What is included in the APS MCC course price?

- Classroom Instruction 
- Simulator Training
- All training equipment and materials
- Unlimited use of Flat Panel Trainers
- Electronic charts and airline performance
- Mentoring Support
- Course Completion Certificate 
- VAT Included

What is the APS MCC Course Core Competencies?

- Problem Solving/Decision Making
- Situational Awareness
- Professionalism
- Leadership & Teamwork
- Workload Management
- Communication
- Aircraft Flight Path - Automation
- Aircraft Flight Path - Manual
- Knowledge & Procedures
APS Schedule
Alsim ALX Flight Simulator
Alsim ALX Flight Simulator
Alsim ALX Flight Simulator
Alsim ALX Flight Simulator

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