ATPL(H) to (A) Aeroplanes Conversion Course

We offer bespoke conversion courses for ATPL (H) holders wishing to convert their licence to ATPL (A) Aeroplanes Fixed Wing.

We can design courses, taking into account previous experience, to ensure the training is appropriate and delivered to a world-class standard. EASA state that an approved course is required to add an ATPL(A) to an ATPL(H) unless you are converting your ICAO licence or are an ex‑UK military fixed-wing pilot or a pilot retaking exams previously passed but now lapsed.

There are 5 subjects to be studied:

  • 021 Aircraft General Knowledge
  • 022 Instrumentation
  • 032 (fixed wing) or 034 (helicopter) Performance
  • 070 Operational Procedures
  • 080 Principles of Flight

There is no minimum training requirement specified in the regulations, but at least 10% of the tuition must be face-to-face. We normally recommend one exam sitting.  We find in practice that most pilots in this situation are able to prepare for their exams by studying the course materials and using our industry leading exam preparation tool, PadPilot.


ATPL(H) Dispensations in respect of the requirements for IR(A) and CPL(A)

  • PPL training reduced from 45 hours to 35. 
  • ATPL(A) ground exams reduced to 5 (as above)
  • Night rating not required prior to commencing IR(A) or CPL(A). 
  • 50 hour IR(A) course reduced to 10 hours including 5 in simulator. 
  • 25 hour CPL(A) course reduced to 20 hours or 15 hours if IR(A) already completed. 
  • 200 hours total time prior to commencing CPL(A) test reduced to 100 hours. 
  • 100 hours PIC in aeroplanes not required prior to CPL test (but 70 hours PIC in aeroplanes required prior to MEP course). 
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