MCC Course

ACS Flight Training can offer CAA approved MCC Courses (Multi Crew Cooperation)

Up until now you have been trained to fly in a single crew environment, responsible for every aspect of the operation of a flight from planning, pre-flight checking, flying, cockpit checks, radio work, descent and landing.

The MCC course takes the skills you have learned until now and adapts them to work in a multi crew environment and learn procedures used in everyday airline operations. The intensive course takes place over a two week period, offering 25 hours of ground school training and 20 hours of ALX Generic Fixed Based Simulator Training.

‚ÄčThe course is conducted by highly experienced, CAA approved instructors. All the instructors are vastly experienced Airline and Corporate Jet Pilots on many different aircraft types. Their experience is used to demonstrate particular scenarios and add relevance to the concepts covered in the manual. You will be encouraged to participate in discussions as much as possible and to share your experiences with the class.

Theoretical and practical training in accordance with FCL.735.A must be completed within 6 months from the start of training. You will be paired with another student during the course. 

Entry requirements

- English Language Proficiency level (Minimum Level 4)
- Current MEIR Instrument Rating. Documentation indicating MEIR test has been passed *MCC certificate will not be issued until a copy of the Licence including the MEIR has been received.

Whats Included

- 25 Hours Classroom Instruction 
- 20 Hours Simulator Training 
- Mentoring Support
- MCC Manual
- Checklists 
- Course Completion Certificate 
- VAT Included


MCC's theoretical training include:

-  Communication
 - Monitoring and checking
 - Division of tasks in a multi-person crew
 - Use of checklists
 - Briefings
 - Flight director/management
 - Use of FMS
 - Normal Systems Operation
 - Abnormal and emergency operations of systems
 - Environment, Weather and Air Traffic Control Services

MCC's practical training include:

Issues related to cruise, descent and approach, post-landing and post-flight procedures, and selected emergency and abnormal procedures.


State of the art Simulator


Classroom Instruction




Multi Crew Environment

When can I start the MCC Course

  • MCC-101 - March 2024 
  • MCC-102 - April 2024
  • MCC-103 - May 2024
  • MCC-104 - June 2024
  • MCC-105 - July 2024
  • MCC-106 - August 2024
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