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Multi Engine Instrument Rating


The aim of the course is to train the student to safely and effectively command a multi-engine aeroplane under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) with an approach to land down to a minimum decision height of 200ft (60m). The course for a multi-engine IR(A) entails 55 hours of instruction in instrument flying which is divided into 40 hours in our Alsim AL42 Glass Cockpit Flight and Navigation Procedure Trainer (FNPT II) and 18 hours* in our DA42 Twinstar aircraft.

Students holding a CPL(A) issued in accordance with ICAO may have the training course reduced by 5 hours, which must be taken off the time on the FNPT II. Students holding an IR(H) may have the training course reduced to 10 hours as a minimum.

ACS Flight Training specialises in providing CAA approved Multi-Engine Instrument Rating training. The course is commenced in our ALSIM AL42 FNPTII simulator before progressing to the DA42 Diamond Twinstar Multi-Engine Piston aircraft.


The following requirements are assumed to have been met at commencement of training:

- PPL with at least 50 hours of cross-country flying as P1
- Current Night Rating
- Relevant ATPL Examinations passed
- Valid Class one Medical
- CPL issued prior to commencing your IR training for the reduced 45 hour course


- Ground school.
- Total Flying 18 Hours DA42 Twinstar Aircraft
- Simulator Instruction 40 hours Alsim AL42 FNPTII

  • £19,500 (If CPL already held)
  • Fee includes:
  • - Ground school
  • - DA42 Computer Based Training (CBT)
  • - 55 hours Flight Training
  • - All Landings Perth Airport
  • - Airways and approach charges
  • Course fee excludes
  • - Accommodation
  • - Skills Test Fee
  • - Additional training (if required)
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