Night Rating and IR(R) Rating

Complete a Night Rating & IR(R) Rating with ACS Flight Training at Perth Airport

You should consider upgrading your PPL to include ratings that allow you to fly at night and/or in less favourable weather conditions.

IR(R) Instrument Rating (Restricted), formerly known as the UK IMC Rating

While this is an EASA rating, it only applies in UK airspace and would normally only be held by UK pilots. Training is widely available at many local flying schools and does not require airways legal aircraft with BRNAV. It is especially useful for occasional IFR flight in poor weather and includes the Instrument Approach Procedures albeit with higher recommended minima. Our IR(R) course is only likely to be attractive if you are serious about getting into instrument flying, using this as a first step towards the full CBM-IR. If you just want to fly mainly VFR but have some instrument skills for use in an emergency, cheaper courses using simple aircraft are likely to suit you better.


Applicants must hold a PPL with 25 hours after qualifying of which 10 as PIC and 5 cross country. A night rating is required if the IR(R) is to be valid at night. There are no additional medical requirements.


The privilege of the IR(R) is to fly under IFR and in IMC in UK airspace. This applies to all classes of airspace except A, B and C (thus excluding IFR airways) but does include instrument approach procedures. Flights are unlikely to require filed IFR flight plans and are often conducted outside controlled airspace.


Night Rating Training

If you intend to become a professional pilot, the night rating is a mandatory course. The Night Rating course comprises of 5 hours of night flying including navigation and circuits at an aerodrome. There is a little theoretical knowledge instruction but no external exam. The Night qualification allows you to fly after sunset. We have regular night flying dates from October to March. Applicants shall have completed a training course within a period of up to 6 months’. The 6 months starts from the first training flight.
Night Rating Training
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